Mayor’s Welcome

By now, many of you have heard of The ReNewton Project. This website includes highlights of The ReNewton 2030 Comprehensive Plan, approved by the cities of Newton and North Newton in early 2011. This plan outlines a vision for our region’s growth, and provides insights into the actions recommended in its 150-plus pages.

Because of the plan’s length, the steering committee wanted to give the public a "Reader’s Digest" version. This ReNewton 2030 website shares the vision behind the plan and the community values that guided its development.

The plan is not law. It is a document that will guide City leaders over the next 20 years so that as decisions are made, we are working toward this common vision. It provides us with guidelines, not mandates. It is also a changeable document; the City Commission can decide to update the plan at any time. It will be reviewed annually.

I want to thank everyone who served on the steering committee. These 18 people gave up their personal time to attend meetings and review drafts of the plan. Their input was invaluable.

I’d also like to thank the more than 1,600 residents of our community who contributed to this process. Our vision comes from their feedback and ideas. This is not City Hall’s plan; this is YOUR plan for OUR community. Citizens can bring it to life or change it as they see fit.

So please, take a few moments and review this website. If you have feedback or if it sparks ideas, please don’t hesitate to contact me or any of the City Commissioners.

Best wishes for the future of Newton!

Willis Heck

Willis Heck, Mayor of Newton
March 2011