Our Vision for 2030

Throughout The ReNewton Project, people repeatedly asked, “So what will Newton look like in 2030?”

“We are planning the future, not predicting it. There is a difference,” said Tom Phillips of Phillips and Associates, the planning firm hired to guide the City through the comprehensive planning process. “This process is about collectively deciding today what you’d like Newton to be in 2030, while recognizing that some things will happen along the way that will change that vision. But if we don’t know where Newton wants to go, we can’t develop the best path to get there.”

To fully understand this vision statement, let’s break down its components, and provide insight from those who contributed to the process about why each section was important to the steering committee — and to the future of the community.

Vision Statement

Between 2010 and 2030, Newton will (1) expand its tax base and (2) enhance community amenities, while (3) preserving its richness of character, heritage, and way of life.