The ReNewton Plan includes many ideas for creating a community that people of all ages will want to call home. It focuses on several projects to improve overall quality of life for current residents, and make the city more attractive for college students, young professionals, young families, higher-income households, and retirees.

Among the recommended actions are for the community to:

  • Determine a course of action to achieve a new recreation center in the next five years.
  • Decide on a plan to achieve a new library.
  • Forge partnerships with private entities to increase childcare options.
  • Create opportunities to support independent seniors.

According to the plan, “all of the community facilities, roads, streets, parks, bike lanes, and sidewalks that create and contribute to livability require the investment of public tax dollars as well as public-private partnerships….Quality of life is ultimately about people and building a place where everyone enjoys a productive, healthy, and safe life.”


“It’s really a tough balancing act between what is too much tax burden, and what is not enough investment in infrastructure.”
— Carl Harris, steering committee member and former City Commissioner

“If you take the 1,000-foot view of the library plan as it’s been discussed and as it’s been initially drawn, you can really see the emergence of what could be the new courthouse square for Newton. It’s really a center of activity, a center for community gathering — a place that anchors the rest of the downtown area.”
— Barth Hague, steering committee member and Newton Public Library trustee