Healthy Living

Participants in The ReNewton Project retreats made it clear they want the City to play a role in promoting individual health and wellness.

Forming a Council

The comp plan suggests the creation of a community health planning council to bring together a cross section of individuals working in this area. Those experts could coordinate programs, ensure a comprehensive approach to planning and delivery, and share information and resources.

“The ever-increasing demand for healthcare services, an aging population, and fewer public financial resources require the sharing of resources, collaborative planning, and innovative solutions at the local level,” the plan says. “Community health and wellness extend into how the community collectively views itself — Are we the kind of city that citizens want to live in and local leaders want to create?”

Other Healthy Steps

Other ideas include creating a one-stop center to allow people — especially seniors and the disabled — to learn about all available resources, as well as creating more community gardens to allow people to grow their own vegetables.

As far as parks and recreation go, the plan recommends continued funding to implement and update the Newton Pathway System and Sand Creek Trail, supporting people’s desires for safe walking and biking trails across the community.

Likewise, it recommends the community move forward with a new indoor recreation center.


“I think the City has some responsibility to provide a way for individual health and wellness to happen through recreation — and by 'recreation,' I mean something bigger than ball teams and competitions.”
— Willis Heck, 2010-2011 mayor of Newton