As we plan for the Newton of 2030, The ReNewton Project participants encouraged the City to be ahead of the curve, and adopt green practices sooner rather than later.

Making Changes

Among the plan’s sustainable goals for the community are ways to conserve resources and protect the environment:

  • Community development patterns that enable people to walk and bike
  • Green building projects
  • Energy efficiencies
  • Water conservation
  • Recycling
  • Transportation alternatives
  • Urban agriculture (growing and distributing food in or near a city)
  • Infrastructure efficiencies

The plan proposes that sustainability efforts be seen as a collaboration between the public and private sectors.


"Sustainability means focusing on enhanced energy and water efficiency, promoting clean and renewable energy initiatives, accommodating transportation modes less dependent on automobiles, reconsidering how we build, and even where we get our food.”
— Tom Phillips, project consultant

“There are a lot of other steps we can take to make Newton a greener city. Even things like our exceptional recycling program, we can take farther. There's more things we could be recycling, composting, making it mandatory for businesses and industry, so some of the things we're doing can certainly be improved. Promoting more natural landscaping, less water usage for gardening, for watering lawns, and so forth.”
— Chuck Regier, curator of exhibits, Kauffman Museum

“If you lower the speed of a motor by 10 percent, you reduce your electrical consumption by an even greater percentage. Something as simple as that can make a big difference.”
— Vern Miller, steering committee