Community Development

In order to achieve many of its goals, The ReNewton Plan calls for a multiyear strategic marketing effort through the City, the Chamber of Commerce, and other local businesses and organizations.

“If we want to boost Newton’s image and be successful at sharing the vision within the community and the outside world, everyone will need to work together to craft a common message for communications,” said Kristin Brighton, a communications and marketing consultant from New Boston Creative Group, who served as a consultant for The ReNewton Project.

“This is about image building, not a short-term promotion. Everyone will need to be willing to commit dollars to marketing the community over the long haul.”

Marketing efforts will focus on four areas:

  • Community Pride — The plan’s first marketing goal is to increase community pride among the citizens of Newton so they can become ambassadors for the community.
  • Local Shopping — Marketing efforts will also aim to increase local shopping both by outsiders and locals. If residents do more of their shopping locally, then increases in sales tax revenue can help enhance community amenities and meet other goals of the plan.
  • Main Street — Another goal is to market Newton’s Main Street as an attraction. Once downtown is revamped into an inviting shopping and entertainment district, not only will locals be more apt to spend time and money there, but it will draw in outsiders from Wichita and beyond.
  • New Business — Marketing strategies will be used to boost economic development efforts in bringing new industries and jobs to the region — but not just any companies. Businesses with values in sync with the community will be the focus.


“We’ve heard over and over again through this process that it is common for Newton’s own residents to speak negatively about the community. That has to change. If the citizens are engaged and working for the good of the community, that will reinforce and authenticate the marketing.”
—Kristin Brighton, marketing consultant

“We aren't asking people never to shop online or drive to Wichita. We're just encouraging people to patronize local stores when they can."
—Barb Burns, community advancement coordinator